Tanner Taff, Realtor

Meet Tanner Taff

Tanner, a Texan native, has owned and operated a successful business in Granbury for over a decade.  With the business starting from the ground up, and facing many obstacles along the way, Tanner has learned how to be creative and successful in any situation. Because of this business, Tanner has built countless valuable relationships, not only with clientele, but vendors and businesses across town as well.  Being the owner of Lake Granbury Marina/Stumpy’s, he has the unique capability to not only feed you lunch with an ice cold margarita, but show you houses by boat!  With his beautiful wife by his side (who is also a realtor) he has only 10 steps if you are looking to buy or sell your house.  Step 1: Call Tanner.  Step 2: Let him handle the other 9.